Qaulity Management System

ABUD operates a quality assured, robust and reliable business model. Quality is engineered in to everything we do; it is at the centre of our offering. Throughout our 74 year history we have completed 98% of work orders on time and to specification, the remaining 2% being only minor issues we rectified immediately. We offer the Council a direct yet flexible service; ABUD has total control over the quality of the end product as we complete all fabrication in-house, only using subcontractors for specialist tasks. This also means we can swiftly accommodate any changes should our clients require them. The management team review quality on a daily basis and formally review quality performance at both weekly and monthly management team meetings. All members of the team are clearly and consistently communicated with about quality and involved in the process of ensuring continuous improvement. At ABUD quality assurance and continuous improvement is our culture.

Below we provide an overview of our quality management system. The measures below form the basis of the implementation of our quality assurance arrangements for the contract.

  • • Implement tailored work procedures
  • • Manage performance levels
  • • Develop and maintain a quality workforce
  • • Engage and manage quality suppliers and materials
  • • Maintain all equipment
  • • Measure customer satisfaction
  • • Continuous improvement