Company History

ABUD is a new division of Wardrope and Carroll. Wardrope and Carroll have completed many projects for government bodies such as local councils, RTA, Department of Fair Trading and Sydney Water. Some of these projects include Bridges, Boardwalks, Viewing Platforms, Restrooms and our new range of street furniture.

Our aim for ABUD is to serve these government clients as a separate entity and become a competitive force in these areas of manufacturing and construction.

Through ABUD, Wardrope & Carroll offers proven, efficient and effective fabrication and construction services. We strongly understand fabrication and construction and the dependencies involved in delivering quality outcomes; we have a deep specialism in pre fabricated structures in particular.
WACE has an extensive 75 year industry experience and the specialist team we have assembled for ABUD has successfully completed many tenders and projects over the past two years. Throughout our 75 year history we have completed approximately 98% of work on time and to specification, the remaining 2% being minor issues we rectified immediately.